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that's our show for today. i'm david shuster on behalf of ali velshi, and the entire team at "real money." thanks for watching. ♪ to al jazeera america.e john siegen that willer has the night off p p escalating violence the battle between israel and hamas intensified president obama says the u.s. is ready to broker a cease fire. dangerous journey, what it is hike to cross the border alone as a child from a man who survived it. >> computer invasion, try to break into u.s. government networks we will talk live to a full hacker one on the fbi's most wanted list. honoring a pioneer graffiti artist.
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we begin tonight with the crisis between hamas and israel. president obama spoke with israeli prime minister benjamin netten yahoo today. the u.s. is willing to broker a cease fire, and stand with it's long time ally. for the third straight day, attacks by both israel have been unreleapting. so far no israelis have been killed by hamas' rockets. once geoff, seven years of paying the pry for the continuing connect.
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there's only one way out for palestinians that want to escape the violence. egypt opened it this morning for injured palestinians. our stephanie deckser there. 24 boy has shrapnel in his head, his mother highs in the next ambulance. an israeli strike lift them with serious wounds. she was often con, for three days and had some surgery, but it hasn't helped. egypt should have opened this border earlier, the hospitals are struggling. >> they are now allowed to cross into egypt to be treated. be uh the paperwork still needs to be processed and it is a short stop before they are relooses. >> the patients are now being taken to egypt they are heaving gaza, you can see the conditions of the civilians that are being taken here. they will be taken to egyptian hospitals. now ins the only border
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that gaza controls but it doesn't open very often. we are told it's only been open four times in the last 100 days. >> which is why once they read it opened on thursday, all these people have come to see if they can cross too. >> the situation is very bad, people are terrified. when they heard the crossing was open, they came, especially nose with residents outside. big shame to attack people, very big shame. they are showing that they are uncivilled people. >> for now only the seriously wounded and egyptian passport holders are allowed to cross. palestinians with now dual nationality, or visa can cross here at all. it high heights the heart of this conflict, palestinians are not in charge of their borders. many here will tell you
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if they do not end the siege, and if no settlement is reached alongside israel, then peace will be very difficult to achieve. we now go to the other side, many israelis say they are facing terror, heavy rocket fire, since people running into shelters nearly every day. in the closest israeli town, the day care is a bomb shelter. and here the war outside is muted by thick concrete walls. and the sound of kids being kids. little girls practice their drawing. there's all sorts of games. including monopoly. and that is exactly what every kid wants, sandwiches. that little boy is three-year-old. his father is the deputy mayor, but he doesn't seem to care that dad is busy. >> my work is 24/7, so my
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son being here gives me a sense of security. >> out of fear of rockets the israeli army ordered local schools closed. so the parents need somewhere to bring the kids, especially mark, next week he enters the army reserve. i am willing to do everything that will let me live in this town. even if this town is right on the front lines. >> here the air raid sirens only wail for a few seconds. before the rockets nigh. this noise has become the city's sound track. those missles trying to intercept palestinian rockets. >> children in conflict areas need to do normal things to avoided trauma, right now the outside isn't normal, so that's why just a few feet away, inside the shelter 11-year-old nicole is allowed to do what she
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loves most, caring for kids even smaller than her. it's fun here, we draw, and watch movies. >> net the people in gaza trying to hurt us, and that's very scary, and they are trying to get us out of israel. >> outside the shelter walking through the streets he grew up on, but today it doesn't feel hike home. >> my son is suffering, he says, he was holding his head and said it isny med. it is in my head. i can't get the code red out of my head. so they would haven't to go think this. >> this is the second code red we have heard in less than an hour. running through this is always stressful. >> you immediately start calling everybody to check in with your parents and your family.
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>> once the scare ended we said goodbye. and right outside, fee legislation's front door, four kids and most of her belongings wait for a buss. she was taking her family anywhere but here. >> and remember in gaza about a mile beyond me, that people who -- this is no way for them to take a bus, and john nan, almost all of them have no shelter. >> nick, what are you hearing tonight about a possible israeli ground invasion in the coming days? >> the indications are that israel is preparing for a possible invasion. and there's a few indicators of that, one, they say that they have deployed 20,000 troops. among the reserves, to
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the board tear number can go up to 40,000, but that is new tonight. up until recently, only 1500 had deployed. the language they are using is very open. they are considering a ground invasion, and number three, the president of the palestinian authority said tonight he was told by officials that that ground invasion could be eminent, within a few hours. so jonathan, obvious hi officials are not telling us what is about to happen, but the indications are that they are ready for a ground invasion. >> nick live for us, thank you. >> joining me now is palestinian ambassador, thank you for your time today. the security council just finished meeting this afternoon, are you satisfied. >> well, the deliberation behind doors is still continuing and the consultation, we hope. that the security council
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will elevate itself to the position of calling for an immediate ceil fire. >> if they want the violence to end, why not urge them to quit firing? is. >> you can see one that started this round is the israeli side. they said that hamas was responsible. hamas kept repeating and saying that they denied any involvement. >> that's not a matter of who started it. >> i agree, but the israeli side started bombarding gaza, and the connected form, and also punishing the people in the west bank. i believe if this aggression to stop, we can collect from our side, we will be able to continue the cease fire, which was in place, that lasted from the year 2012 until recently. >> why hasn't the president more forcible in condemning the attacks
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in. >> the president in this connection is well known. he is against killing independent civilians that is his position. not to resort to the option of killing and firing a rockets or firing aircraft missles or from the ships as the israelis are doing. >> if you expect the palestinian people follow them to be angels and to sit on their behinds and watch this massacre taking place, against them and not doing anything, i think that that is too much to ask for. ambassador, the palestinian civilians are put at risk because of hamas, now hamas is deliberately endangering people there, as well as escalating to israel. >> what is really putting the people on the strip in ganger and killing this emis israel. it is not hamas that is causing that. of course, as i said, we
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are willing and ready to try wants this aggression to be stopped to create a situation in which the cease fire will be respected. hamas was honoring and respecting the cease fire, which was brokered between them, and israelis by egyptians. now you add to it that we have a national consensus government, under the leadership of the president, if we go back to the cease fire terms, i think that we have a better chance of honoring it and respecting it and no rockets will be fired. >> how do you respond to that? is. >> they are firing against every target in the gaza strip. everything is a legitimate target for them, in fact -- >> they made it very
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cheer they are firing at -- >> that is what they claim, but marry actions speak louder, hook at the figures. most of the people killed and injury redirect examination civilians. babies. one-year-old. children. that is the record, that is the action, the action speaks much louder than what they say. >> i want to move on to the point of ending the hostilities. there's been talk of egypt stepping up and brokering some sort of truce. but a hamas agree with that move? is. >> i believe that the palestinian side, including hamas will honor and respect a truce, to go back to the agreement that was reached. >> will hamas work with the egyptians in. >> well, i believe that
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we are working also in the security council. we believe they will play a positive role as they have done in the past. >> thank you so much for your time. >> you are very welcome. >> with israeli ambassador to the united nations today. >> clearly there was no more equivalent, because if you look, israel is trying to target the structure and military infrastructure. is as you say, you try to do yourself sending rockets to the major cities in israel, and they don't care who they hit.
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what you see here is very clearly israel on the front line, trying to fight phenomenas that question see all around us. we see that from nigeria, to iraq. >> okay -- >> we have 80 family members killed, six were children. they were not military targets. also we saw a beach side cafe hit, now people in that cafe were watching the world cup. that is not a military target, so why does this argument keep coming up? is look, you are setting a question which is clear, and it is important for me to say that i think everything in israel, innocent casualties and we -- we feel it is so, and it is
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genuine. but the repetition, basic hi you are asking us, because hamas is started this and is sending rockets to the major cities in israel. and you are asking us to put out the fire, a fire brigade to put out a wild fire with buckets of water. two equation is very very clear. if descries is going to be quiet, it is going to be quiet in gaza. every government has to do to protect itselfs citizens and we will keep on doing that. this is a whole phenomena, countries that want the world to be with them, shout stand today with israel. this is exactly what every -- >> this analogy you use, excuse me for interrupting but i do have to pick up on it. that israel is trying to fight a huge fire with a few buckets.
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at least 88 people have been killed in gaza, since air strikes began on tuesday. and the number of people killed in israel has been zero. it is just go -- ambassador, how can you say that you are fighting a huge fire with buckets of water? the rockets are the buckets of water and you are fighting back with extremely disproportionate. >> you forget, that the state of israel and the penal of israel, we left gaza.
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what you ski today is a whole country under rockets, fired and you know the numbers and you know yourself, and i'm -- really hope that you would show it. that hamas is using kindergartens, schools, mosques -- >> yes, we are seeing a huge number of children in gaza strip -- we are seeing 88 people killed. zero killed in steal. >> hamas is sending a children and women, and using basically human -- the palestinians as human shields and the message is very clear. the international community should send a very clear message to hamas. unity does not give you impunity. if you continue to putter
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error on israel and it's people. we will make everything we can to restore. >> it condemns hamas but also suggested israel could leave room for diplomacy. earlier i spoke with general tockssy today. i asked if they would support an israeli ground invasion. >> israel has the right to defend themselves. impacting the hives of innocent men, women, and children, and that's what we are looking at. hamas, a terrorist organization is the entity that has caused this. they have attacked israel, israel is responding we want to bring an end to this, we want to deescalate. but the way to do that is bring an end to the rocket attacks so we can bring calm to the ground.
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>> how he hopes to help children traveling that same path today. that has thousands fleeing to the u.s. to find a better life. >>
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congress today turn it's attention to the immigration crisis to deal with a nod of unaccompanied. >>s in obviously a major challenge, with a humanitarian component to it. i know that specially. we have spent considerable time ourselves. with the children, and we are bound and determined to do the right thing. but reand must building requesting added resources to move these
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cases quickly. to address the humanitarian issue, their proposal would allow for parter deportations increase the number of judges, require of people waiting for court dates to wear ankle monitors. well, the role the state department is playing is working with these countries with it's honduras, or guatemala, mexico, to address the root causes. whether that's the economic -- or challenges economically, education challenges. what is making these families and these children leave their countries. so that's obviously a medium and long term effort. but we are also working with the countries to put in place media campaign.
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but this is a dangerous journey, they are putting their children at risk, and their families at risk. to keep them in the united states and they are putting their children at risk by sending them on this journey. >> you heard the figure, since october 57,000 unaccompanied children have been picked up at the u.s. border. jose louis started a desperate journey, all alone, leaving his family in the violent city for the mexico boarder. i fame a victim of it, i was tired.
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not thinking i was breaking the law, but because i wanted to find my mother and reunite with my younger sister. >> he also faced gangs and drug smugglers. >> it is depressing when a smuggler wakes you up with a gun in his hand, and a little girl and screaming because she is being raped and you can't do anything about it because he says whoever does something is going to be next. and it is frustrating as a child having to go through those circumstances and also knowing that your mother is not this. after these odeals he was detained a the order. instead he was re'sed to his family. >> i am too a migrant child. >> more than 14 years later he has traveled to texas to be a voice for the wave of undocumented children. >> are we going to give
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them a death sentence. >> the immediate concern is the concern for unaccompanied children. and children hoping to apply for political asylum or refugee status are facing delays. >> there's a lot of sickness that these children are sharing in themselves. jose is allowed to remain in the u.s. while he works toward as phd. and despite the politics involved in the situation, the mayor here says he and the people will continue to treat the undocumented immigrants that come in with dignity and respect. >> violence at home is a
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major reason why so many children are coming to the u.s. specifically fear of gangs and nowhere is the problem worse than honduras. owe have seen this issue first hand. >> it is a terrifying situation. in the northern triangle that's honduras, guatemala, gangs and drug cartels are more powerful than governments and violence really is out of control. where they have coming from and how many children from each place, the data comes from the border patrol and it is making up from children caught at the border. the biggest dot is on the murder capitol of the word, san pedro, where this 15 kids kneeing every day. more than 2200 in that period. i asked them what it was hike to live with such
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horrifying violence. >> the fear of crime and violence here, makes people afraid to go to work. fearful of opening business, afraid to take your kids to school. this is a mace where you see ugly things hike bodies and pieces. think of waking up to a photo smashed across the front of the newspaper, it effects you, crime and fear heed people to pack their bags and leave. this is a much more dangerous party than downtown. right in the middle of it is a juvenile detention center, where kids are doing crime for crimes from homicide to rape and extortion. carlos what kind of options to kids this age have? is it the gangs head north, or do they get
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jobs? >> the sad reality is the day they step out of the door of the facility. they are going to find the same situation that put them here in the first place. >> what about the kids that are coming back. the-2 future of those kids if they have to come back, they have journeyed to try to unite with family, and to come back they will return to an empty house, and end up in the streets. this is the autopsy room. >> can you handle the number of bodies you have to take care of here? this times during the night with so much crime, we wait up to 20 cadavers. this' a hot of crime. we have had a few days
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with 30 cadavers waiting nor us. >> the doctor says this is the cold room, this is where they store the corpses. this' 80 to 90 in there right now, they are stacked up. one on top of the other, this room is full to capacity all the time these days. and only once a month can they take out and bury the uncamed bodies the smell in here is just staggering. we've got to go. >> this children in that locker a number of them teenager boys who are, of course, prime targets for gang recruitment, two often either joined or be killed so as dangerous as uncertain to the u.s. may be, to young men, who we just met, jonathan they will take that risk of heading north rather than staying home in. >> just heartbreaking stories. thank you so much. asked to heave the spying scandals that americas top intelligence officener germany coming home.
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plus this. >> how would you defend a city as dense as this against the threat of random. when you compare the top speed of dsl from the phone company
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with the top speed of comcast business internet... well, there's really no comparison. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business.
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reportedly attacked by chinese hackers. once wanted by the f, bei. war of words. kurdish grow even more strained. and a graffiti artist remembers. jason wolf is so important. this week israel says the system has deflected
8:32 pm
dozens of cross rockets fired from gaza. our jacob ward is live with more on this. explain how this system works. >> if you imagine a city like this, it is about the same -- it is comparable. how would you defend a random set of rocket attacks in an open environment. israel uses what is called the iron dome. the iron dome is a system of missile batteries. 20 missiles called sent tors. it is very hard to do. let me explain the math to you here. >> that's over mock two, and it has a maximum range of four miles.
8:33 pm
act vat it's own battery and fire one to blow it up. keep in mind, you don't have 71 seconds you only have a fraction, because you need to blow up the missle before it can reach a population center. it is very complicated challenge. >> jonathan if you imagine the logistics of this of you thousanding a rock, and trying to hit that with another rock, it also raise as major ethical question. beyond the opposite one of two sides firing into pop luis areas. so that's faster than human reactions can deal with. two software has to differentiate between a commercial night, or birds and figure out exactly which rocket is a threat to which point in the israeli territory.
8:34 pm
fire it without a human doing anything. because of the iron dome, israel is more or less immune. >> jacob it is very sophisticated technology. jacob hard live for us, thank you. >> al jazeera is in berlin with that story. >> a shadow we world of intelligence, weighed the latest evil of american spying. after private talks though, a very clear public announcement. >> has asked the u.s. intelligence services here in germany to heave the country in reaction to a continuous lack of cooperation regarding the investigations into various accusations starting with the nsa. after the hatest issues. >> the german public was
8:35 pm
enranged to find that the own cell phone has been tapped. >> months of efforts failed. questioned what the american efforts were worth. if what we here is true, spying on al highs is a waste of energy, we have so many problems i think we should worry about the important things. that is at the high etc. priority, and not spying among allies. >> the american embassy reacted with a statement, saying it doesn't community on it, but that the particular situation between germany and the united states was keeping americans and germans safe.
8:36 pm
the problem is many citizens and their government are questioning whether it is really true, and if so at what cost. the u.s. says they targeted networks on thousands of workers amying for high level security clearance, our john tarot is here with more on this. >> many many u.s. corporations and departments of state as well. of course the department of energy and even the defense secretary all allegedly hack bid the chinese. and another federal departure. >> at the office of personnel management.
8:37 pm
hackers breech add data base with the private files of tens of thousands of workers. saying this' no evidence so far anything was stolen. >> they are supposed to have protection systems in mace. and if they are finding out about this after the fact, it just goes to show the government security standards aren't what they need to be, and the government isn't being held to that high of a level. until finally an employee accidentally clicked on a link they out not to, and that's it. chances are you go far, and when you go after those that are requesting high clearance, you are going after those who have access to the keys of the kingdom. that is the that possible data preach can occur for someone that is looking
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for top secret information. >> bode sides regularly accuse each other of spying, in may the department of justice indicted five hackers from units 61398, on charges they saw data from u.s. corporations. the latest revelation about stolen data came as secretary of state was actually in china, discussing economic and security issues. incidents of cyber health have harms our businesses and we have a frank exchange on cyber issues at our die hog. and we both agree, it is important to continue discussions in this area.
8:39 pm
accused media and cyber security firms here of trying to cast china as a theft, adding they have never been able to present sufficient evidence. >> well, i know what you want to know, are we doing to them what they are doing to us, the answer to all of my reporting is you have to believe that he with are p p of course, jonathan it is much more advantageous for the chinese to than for us. >> we will talk about this more with kevin. he is a former hacker who is once on the fb ios most wanted list. thank you for being with us tonight. thank you for having me on the show. let's get your reaction. looks like china got pretty deep into u.s. computers. >> to me i really wonder if the chinese, because i can hack al jazeera and make it look like i am coming from an i.p. address in china. it doesn't take much to hack a server that's sitting in china, and
8:40 pm
then from that hack other targets. so i am curious of how the united states has identified it as really the chinese. every time i hear about a cyber attack, it is always the chinese. so i real hi have to wonder is the threat only the chinese or do we have to worry about other threats like al quaida, countries in the middle east and so on. >> we have heard of other hackers in russia, but it does seem to be that the chinese is active in this hacking. s there any reason to doubt that? well, they are active but it is difficult to trace the origin of an attack when somebody is sophisticated. where respect to the certain unit, i don't remember the actual number, they may have been doing the attacks using the i.p. address that is are registered to them.
8:41 pm
it doesn't matter who it is, who the attacker is, what the issue is the security of systems for the government. for businesses at least in the united states. when i am hired to hack into my clients systems because i'm an ethical hacker so people hire my company to hack in, our success rate is about 100%. >> hold on. you were once one of the bad guys you were a hacker, served time in rids, you are saying when your company is hired by big corporations that you can usually pack in -- i guess you can hack in 100% of the time? >> 100% of the time. is by exploiting these applications -- is by using this technique called social engineering and that's where you do a lot of research on employees or contractors
8:42 pm
of a business, you hook at their trust relationship whose do they trust. who are their suppliers and vendor whose are their customers. who do they normally communicate with, and then they send a communication for the person with a hyper limping, or even an attachment like an office document, and as soon as that target opened up that document, their computeser completely compromised. >> they open up the link and boom they are in the system. i feel like, at least the assurances i get is that today's technology, servers our far more sophisticated and can usually catch that. is stop it before they get too deep into the system is that not correct. >> that's not correct. >> we have oftenty virus software that is supposed to protect you, well, actually, it is really not that difficult to bypass every antivirus
8:43 pm
product out there. we do it in our testing. it isn't difficult to do. and companies are trying to invite better technologies to detect mall ware, but unformingly. some companies that do a good job, but they don't do it up to the level that needs to be done. because again, when we are testing our clients we do drop our code which is not mall ware. and a hot of the products out there, inform you can do it in our testing you can be certain that in a nation state with do it very easily. >> how do you stop this? dust each fry to outsmart the others in is there no way to protect yourself? you try to use what technologies are out this, for example, i am
8:44 pm
testing an airline right now. has a lot of web applications that face the internet. we have a lot of vulnerables that can be exploited to gain access. these companies have to think about secure coding practicing so before demoi to the public, they should put it think a review process to ensure that it is not vulnerable. with the social engineering side. a hot of companies to training to try to train other personnel on what social engineering is, the whole idea about what these attacks look like, but i think more importantly, it's best to inknack late your employees by having a outside company, or doing it interimly, do these type of attacks against your work force. of course you give notice first, so you don't reduce employee morale,
8:45 pm
and then when people fall if it, you tell them hey, you made a mistake. if this is real, this is the damage that could have been done. brow train to mitigate social engineering and you secure practices to -. >> and i guess that's all he had to say, the pot tom mine is don't open up that suspicious hooking email. thank you for your insight tonight. standing by to tell us what is coming up tonight? >> good evening jonathan. tonight on our program, when crime and punishment. a stunning case of prosecutorial misconduct that led an innocent man to death row, he told everybody he could think of he didn't do it. what unraveled the case is that the prosecutor hid evidence, evidence
8:46 pm
that could have saved him. >> one thing i do know i didn't commit the murder, i didn't have nothing to do with it. but the fact is, people always allow the district attorney to get away from doing all this damage. my whole family was destroyed. and a closer look at prosecutorial misconduct coming up. the story now. >> practically empty, just hours after the iraqi government issue add decree banning air freight, the impact is clearly visible. banned from landing. baghdad lands kurdish
8:47 pm
politicians of working to senate the country, and accusing them of turning the city into a base for fighters. >> issued this statement on his website, falling short of calling prime minister a mad man. he is doing everything he can. he must apologize and step down. you have destroyed the country and someone who has destroyed the country cannot stay. things that are heat sensitive like medication, those goods would usually be put up on these shelves to be loaded on to trucks, but as you can see, the shelves are empty.
8:48 pm
a week, generally speaking it's every day. some needed more than others. a lot of pharmaceuticals for hospitals. drugs. as the tit for tat continues kurdish politicians hit back. the deputy prime minister and health minister all aunderstand nod they were boycotting meetings. we declare we won't take part in the upcoming session. and we cannot endure any more such behavior. and stances. there are those that accuse them of being a failure, and it is the mismanagement, and there are those that accuse kurdish politicians of conspire withing rebels.
8:49 pm
the accusations made rule in the region should be based on evidence and proof. no one can confirm such allegations. unless there's clear cut evidence. anybody many, the only thing different about the presence is that the country itself faces a real risk of being carved up. remembering a revolutionary graffiti artist.
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
good evening i'm
8:52 pm
meteorologist kevin corvo. earlier this week we were watching this as it was making its way across the islands. now the storm has weakened and is now pushing past parts of japan. we have skein incredible amounts of wind. then here believe it or not, we saw over 14-inches of rainfalling in a 24 hour period. then up here, as the storm we saw a landslide that was actually very deadly as it made it's way across that region. now the storm has pushed out here. we are seeing drier conditions but believe it or not as we make our way we are looking at the forecast models and we are identified another storm that is possibly p taiwan. and then later on towards the southern part of japan again.
8:53 pm
that was nodding there and then outto the northwest, that is causing problems across many of these areas and flash flooding is a major problem there. graffiti, street art that defines the 70's 80's and 90's. he died at the age of 42 last week.
8:54 pm
jason d.g. has been a constant within the new york city graffiti artist 50 scene going back to the mid 80's. he has his start painting graffiti in 1985, during an era of new york city graffiti where everyone was out painting trains. in about 90 teen 90, trains with graffiti got fazed out, and the people that were painting on the trains in those days they either quit, or they continued on painting in the streets. jason was very significant in graffiti because he was someone that continued to paint trains, etch though they were getting clean, and he also made an effort to go hard with putting his name on the street illegally.
8:55 pm
is al being able to do large scale. most often a memorable event, he was such an extreme and enthusiastic guy, and was always down for whatever. also a very fast runner, and even into his older age, i was very surprised to see him dusting younger guys, and getting away from the police and stuff like that. he -- the whole idea of painting kind of in a pure way, painting without permission, or painting without restrictions, there's something about that that you want to continue to do even as an adult. today in new york city you can still see his name up probably for many years to come. try to paint a fitting tribute, we wanted to do something that was fitting to his upbeat and energetic personalty.
8:56 pm
that kind of summed up his personality a bit. instead of resting in peace, we said see you later crazy man. graffiti can be beautiful, and it isn't the devil. it isn't some evil thing. and he helped to show that. >> ryan likes to challenge traditional knowledge. and coming up all new tonight, on al jazeera, the detail of the two immigration. two southern california towns different on the opposite sides of the issue. plus the disappointing news about a baby thought cured of hiv why the virus seems to have returned more than two years later.
8:57 pm
finally our picture today, over 30 balloons took an early morning flight, now in it's 18ing year. today's headlines in just a moment. >> this, is what we do.
8:58 pm
>> al jazeera america.
8:59 pm
on the southern border.s president obama is requesting almost $4 billion to deal with the wave of migrant children comes to the states. republicans say it will take more than money to solve the issue they are proposing legislation that would speed up deportations. he has not been cooperative into an investigation in two spying scandals.
9:00 pm
sonar it's not clear inform any data was stolen, those are your head lynns america tonight with joey chen is up next. >> as the u.s. spy machine is caught snooping against a long time ally again. and disturbing new questions aability what the nas is doing in this country. >> if they are doing it to us, how do you know they are not doing it to you. >> also tonight, justice undone, nor 14 years he sat on louisiana's death row, no one believed he was innocent, until they found out the prosecutors hid evidence, that could

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on 7/11/2014